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The name of the studio was inspired by the Ginkgo Biloba, probably the oldest tree species on our planet. Also known as the maidenhair tree, the Ginkgo Biloba appeared 270 million years ago, in China. Lu and Line are two semi-human semi-plant cuttings of a maidenhair tree that was once planted in Garches (near Paris, France), grown from cuttings of a Manhattan Ginkgo (USA).

The universe of Ginkgo-Biluline? Paintings where nature’s elements, sea, rivers, marshes, peninsulas, cities, heat, cold, fog, untamed nature mix and mingle, taking shape with various techniques. Research, attempts, euphoric moments but also times of discouragements. And moments of peace, lonely intervals that every so often give way to temporary exhibitions

Ginkgo-Biluline is also Paris, 13th arrondissement: the city and its roofs, large chimney pipes, spiral staircases, terraces, human-sized buildings, bus terminals where they come to rest, unlimited sushi bars, three movie theaters 50 feet away from one another, outdoor markets, cozy bistros ideal when the skies are grey.




Until the light returns…



  • 2018
  • April - Oil exhibition in restaurant « La Penderie » Paris 3
  • May - Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic in Ar’tmeinglaz festival – Mael-Carhaix 22340
  • July - « Senteurs Camargue » Personnal exhibition with Vanessa Monteil in « relais culturel » in Saintes Maries de la mer 13 460
  • 2017
  • March - Acrylic Group exhibition, City Hall, Paris 5
  • Christmas market - Watercolor and Oil - Acanthe association - Artist village- La ferté Loupière 89
  • 2016
  • June - Oil, Atelier Dantzig exhibition, Rue Scipion Hotel particulier of PA. Paris 5
  • 2015
  • ExhibitionWatercolors- Caroline Brueder- Ginkgo-Biluline Artist Studio, Paris 13
  • 2012
  • ExhibitionWatercolors-Caroline Brueder- Centre Censier - Paris City Hall Paris 5
  • 2010
  • Acrylic Group exhibition, City Hall, Paris 5
  • 2009
  • Acrylic Group exhibition, City Hall, Paris 5
  • 2008
  • Watercolors Group exhibition, City Hall, Paris 5
  • 2007
  • Group exhibition, Acrylics, City Hall, Paris 5
  • 2003
  • Group exhibition watercolors, Sommières 34, France
  • 2001
  • Exhibition watercolors- Caroline Brueder- « Les Cent Ciels », Bookstore, Rue Francois Miron, Paris 3